Do Click at the pictures to see it more clearly. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask me...

The measurement is taken while the garment is laid flat

NAME ME YOUR PRICE!!! YEP, IF THE PRICE IS REASONABLE, IT IS YOURSSS!!!!!! (* not applicable to new updates*)

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Treasure 35 (How to Be a Budget Fashionista) SOLD

Need to learn the tricks to be a Fashionista with a budget?..This is the book for you :)

RM 20

Treasure 34 (Sweet Kim) SOLD

Friday, October 30, 2009

Treasure 33 (Batik Kimono)

Bought it from other blogshop, but never wear it..kimono does not suit me *sigh*

Size: Free Size
RM 20

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Treasure 32( Nine west)

This is from 9 west..I bought it around RM200..I rarely wear...but I still love it coz' its comfy

Size: 6M (I think for size 6)
Height: 2.5"

RM 80 (Free register pos )

Friday, October 23, 2009

Treasure 31 (Emilio Valentino Heels)

Pre-loved heels, wear only once in a while, looks sexy when wear it..from Emilio Valentino

Size: 5
Height: 3"

RM 25

Treasure 30 (Wedges)

Bought from blogshop, definitely never wear it..

Size: 5
Height: 3.5"

RM 35

Treasure 29 (Gladies)

Never wear..bought it from other blogshop

Size: 5
Height: 3"

RM 35

Treasure 28 (Cream La La) SOLD

Treasure 27 (Silver Glad)

I bought this from other blogshop, never wear it
Size: 5
Height: 3"

RM 30

Treasure 26 (White Long Cardi/Kebaya) SOLD

This is made from cotton..I like this, hv style..You can wear inner and skinny jeans..simple but chick...
Or perhaps, wear it as Kebaya, With traditional brooch, and slack...

1 button at the top
Size: Can fit until L
Length: 37"

RM 30

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Treasure 25 (On the Way To D Wedding)

Another one by Julia Quin..Click the picture to see the synopsis

Just read it once..


Treasure 25 (My Lady)

Kebaya cotton with crochet on the hem n words, just picture

Size: S, M
Length: 28"

RM 15

Treasure 24 (Brownies) SOLD

What I like about this blouse is that it emphasize your bust..
Made of cotton, simple but umph...

Size: S, M
Length: 23"

RM 10

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Treasure 23 (Turquoise Cardi) SOLD

Treasure 22 (Knitted Cardi)-SOLD

I bought this from other blogshop...a pre-order item from Japan..but I never wear it..
It has two pockets and suitable for cold weather...

No button
Made in Japan
Size: M, L
Length: 27.5"

RM 35

Treasure 21 (White Love)-SOLD

I never wear this after i got it..think white never suits, i just put it inside my wardrobe for
a long time *sigh*....

Size: M
Length: 26.5"

RM 20

Treasure 20 (Long Black Cardi) SOLD

The design is the same as the previous cardi, but a bit longer and bigger..I stop
wearing it after I bought another long cardi...

Size: S, M
Length: 27"

RM 20

Treasure 19 (Cardi 1) SOLD

I think I only wear it once...long long time a go..too small for me..

Size: Recommended for S
Length: 23.5"


Treasure 18 (Lucy Sullivan is Getting Married)

(Click to see the Synopsis)

I bought this from other blogshop..a bit worn out but still readable
(Not for a fussy buyer of course...)

Let it go for RM 10 (because of the condition)

Monday, October 12, 2009

Treasure 17 (Flower Jacket) SOLD

(Click it!)

What I like about this jacket is the flower on looks so beautiful..instead of your normal plain
jacket, the flowers are enough to accessorize your outfit

I have to let it go because it does not suit my lifestyle anymore...

Size: M
Length: 21"

RM 35

Treasure 16 (When He Was Wicked)

(Click it)

New! Just read it once

RM 28

Treasure 15 (Blackie) SOLD

I called this blackie...with the details in the middle it looks perfect..and it is not straight cut..
it flows beautifully for a short blouse
Pair it with skinny jeans and heels

Size: M
Length: 23.5"

RM 10

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Treasure 14 (Carved Vintage Bag)

Beautifully carved

Can be used as clutch too

Size: 10" X 5.5"

RM 15 (with register post )

Treasure 13 (Carlo Rino Vintage)

(Click To see it...)

Carlo Rino Vintage Bag

Size: 10" X 7 "

RM 30 (Free register post for this school holiday)

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Treasure 12 (50 ways 2 Find A Lover) SOLD

Love this book, it actually gives me idea to try all the tips given by my friends about
dating. Though, I don't have the gut to try the ideas in the book. Me not adventurous...:S

Actually the writer has a blog..You can visit it ( to see all 50 tips..but reading the book is much more fun

Just read it once..definitely in good condition

RM 30

Monday, October 5, 2009

Treasure 11 (Eat Pray Love) SOLD

This is about a woman trying to find the meaning of life through religion. She went to a few countries, India, Indonesia...and this book tells about the journey
It is in the Oprah book club.

I bought this from other blogshop..

RM 25 (Free pos ekspress)

Treasure 10 (SOLD)

Treasure 9 (The Secret Shopper's Revenge) SOLD

Shopping is not bad habit. It is also a way to find ourselves.
Definitely a good read

Bought this from other blogshop (Still in good condition)

RM 25